Current NOTRA Rule Book (Revised Jan 2015)

2015 Rule Book Part I (pdf file)
2015 Rule Book Part II (pdf file)
2008-2009-2011 Rule Book Insert (pdf file)

2015 NOTRA Rule Proposals

• Rule proposals must be submitted no later than Nov. 1st, 2015
• Ballots will be emailed to each Club by December 1st, 2015
• Each club should return their ballot to me no later than January 1st in order to be counted
• We will inform the Clubs of the results and incorporate into the rule book by January 15th

2015 Racing Schedule

The NOTRA 2015 Race Schedule is posted.

2015 Racing Schedule Submissions

2015 race meet schedules are due!!!.
Annually by November 14th, each Club shall submit a request in writing for next year schedule to the appropriate Regional Coordinator. The request must specify the dates, locations, breeds for which races are to be offered, lure type, distance, number of programs, the name of the Host Club, and the name of the Host Club Race Director. Please click here for a table of corresponding weekends.

Clubs must send the schedule requests to their Regional Representative who compiles the scheduling requests for the region then submits them to the Interim Schedule Coordinator, Celeste Wilcox.

NOTRA Official Grading Guides

The current Whippet and Other Breed weekly Grading Guides are available in the download section.

Other Breed Web Site

Information on Other Breed racing can be found at:  www.notraracing.org
NOTRA Racing Facebook Page
2015 LGRA-NOTRA Nationals Website
2015 LGRA-NOTRA Nationals Facebook Discussion Group

Other Breed Links
OB Hounds Database

2014 OB Statistics
2013 OB Statistics

OB Hounds: Application for NOTRA registration
OB Hounds: FTE Form - day of race FTE form

Oval Track Racer Awards (OTR/OTRM)

The current NOTRA Oval Track Racer Award data files and order forms are available in the download section. The cost is $2.50 per certificate. The owner may purchase one of each award earned, or the highest award earned, or duplicate certificates for co-owners.

2015 NOTRA Whippet Nationals

The Midwest collaborative group (GSLWC, SMWC and POSSE), will host the Whippet NOTRA Nationals October 11, 2015 at the Whippet Wranch near Paris, TX. Hope to see y'all!

The website for more information is at 2015 WRA and NOTRA Nationals.

2015 NOTRA Other Breed Nationals

Please join the Count Basie Racing Association (COBRA), Granite State Greyhounds (GSG) and the Lehigh Valley Coursing Club (LVCC) on October 17th and 18th for the 2015 LGRA/NOTRA Nationals
Fort Mott State Park, 454 Fort Mott Road, Pennsville, NJ 08070

Entries close Friday, October 2nd at 9 pm
Contact if you have ANY questions: Terri Jones, E-mail: SnoopyRockyMom@Gmail.com

Website: http://www.2015lgranats.com/
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