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Current NOTRA Rule Book

2007 Rule Book with the 2009/2010 changes noted is posted in the downloads section.

2007 Rule Book Part I (pdf file) with 2009/10 changes
2007 Rule Book Part II (pdf file)
2008-2009-2011 Rule Book Insert (pdf file)

2014 NOTRA Rule Proposals

2013 Ballot Results - For the 2014 NOTRA Racing Year.

The NOTRA BOD received 15 ballots from 36 eligible clubs.
View the results (pdf) by clicking here. 2013 Ballot Results

2014 Racing Schedule

The NOTRA 2014 Race Schedule is posted. NOTRA clubs should report corrections to the National Secretary, Ray Luening. As club inputs are received they will be added to the 2014 Schedule.

2014 Racing Schedule Submissions

2014 race meet schedules were due on Sunday Dec 1 2013. Please make sure all requests get sent to the NOTRA Treasurer. (notrasec@gmail.com) Clubs must send the schedule requests to their Regional Representative who compiles the scheduling requests for the region then submits them to the NOTRA Treasurer.

2014 NOTRA Whippet Nationals

We are pleased to announce that the 2014 NAWRA and NOTRA National race meets have been awarded to the Western Washington Whippet Association (WWWA). The conformation match, NAWRA meet and NOTRA meet will be held August 29, 30 and 31, respectively (Labor Day Weekend) on the polo fields at Roy, Washington.
Additional details will be provided by event chairperson Kendra Tripp (kendrabtripp@yahoo.com) and the WWWA planning committee.
We look forward to a great turnout for these exciting events!!
Merril Woolf, NAWRA National Race Director
Sue Oace, NOTRA National Race Director


Other Breed Web Site

The web site for information on Other Breed racing can be found at:  www.notraracing.org

Other Breed Links
OB Hounds Database
2013 OB Statistics
OB Hounds: Application for NOTRA registration
OB Hounds: FTE Form - day of race FTE form

Oval Track Racer Awards (OTR/OTRM)

The current NOTRA Oval Track Racer Award data files and order forms are available in the download section. The cost is $2.50 per certificate. The owner may purchase one of each award earned, or the highest award earned, or duplicate certificates for co-owners.

NOTRA Official Grading Guides

The current Whippet and Other Breed weekly Grading Guides are available in the download section.